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Dear Diary,




  It’s been too damn long what the fuckkk.

  Anywhore volleyball was emotionally exhausting and is still.  Just had a six game tournament and as you could see from the picture I posted from instagram I hurt my wrist.  Still hurts pretty bad but not nearly as bad as it did.  Our coach is putting one of the younger girls through the same thing I had to deal with and I hate it.  I wish she would just put the girl in as a left or right instead of having her warm the bench in her libero jersey like I did.  And I don’t want to be riding the bench in my libero jersey anymore either…

  Also there are new exchange students.  One of them is Hungarian and he is such a sweetheart, but I’m afraid he might like me.  Sure he comes with polite mannerisms anyways like holding the door, it seems like he treats me a little better and different.  Whenever I come into class he gets me a chair if I don’t have one or he pulls my chair out for me.  He looks over my shoulder, closely mind you, to see the kind of grade I got on my homework and compare.  I just don’t want him to start liking me too much because I have a boyfriend.  

  Not to mention my friend likes him, but she is just too immature and too much of a brat.  I would never go and tell him that she likes him unless she wanted me too, but I would feel terrible if she got upset with me or something because he liked me more than her or whatever.

  Speaking of boyfriend, we’ve been doing pretty good.  We decided to agree on an official starting date of our relationship since neither of us really knew for sure what date it was; so instead of letting it be unknown we made it July 18th.  The place he is staying at now doesn’t have internet so we haven’t skyped in a while, and I really miss his face.  I mean I could just go and look at a picture but that’s not the same as seeing him animated, smiling when he sees me you know…

  The second week of school is starting up, and after having missed school on the first week for already getting sick (ear infection and sinusitis) I am still recovering.  I just hope this week goes well.  It’s homecoming week for school.  The first homecoming in 45 years.  I’m going to get one of the homecoming shirts, and Tuesday is pajama day.  Wednesday is 70’s day and I have no idea what the hell I am going to wear.  On Saturday we have a 3-way with two other schools at home (obviously) and then the homecoming dance in the evening.  I am wondering if that exchange student is going to ask me, and if he does we’re going as friends.  I’m not going to ask for trouble or anything though.  We’ll see what happens.

  Until next time… now I gotta figure out what imma wear for 70’s day lol.