Short Thing

Rosie. 5'1". August 14. '96.
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Time to live a little, my reward for getting a B on my BIOL test ✌️

Some of those jokes… SUSHIIII!!! 🍣

LSU late night activities 💜
#tbt to stripes 💔 I miss this and can’t wait to be a part of it for the next few years 💛💜
So Dan Soder and I are Colorado buddies 💛✌️💜 (at Live Oak Lounge - LSU Student Union)
Love dressin up
#Tbt to when I got my tattoos in New Orleans. Too bad I gotta get to another shop because my ink is too faded
My tattoo is too faded, gotta get it redone
The atmosphere down here I swear it makes my pictures better
😍 I want them all 😍